Contractors And Consultants Pollution Liability Program

  • FACT: There is an ever-increasing demand from contractors of all kinds to purchase insurance against the risk of an environmental accident on a job site.
  • FACT: General Liability insurance policies purchased by non environmental contractors always exclude environmental accidents.
  • FACT: If an insurance company adds an environmental endorsement to a General Liability policy and a loss occurs, the insurance remaining to pay claims for non-environmental losses will be depleted.
  • FACT: Some environmental insurance companies have minimum premiums of $20,000 for $1 million of coverage.
  • PROBLEM: Many contractors bidding on jobs find themselves in need of a low-cost alternative for pollution liability to meet the terms of a specific contract or to cover their job-site environmental risks.
  • SOLUTION: The insurance professionals at Apollo General Insurance Agency, having specialized in meeting the insurance needs of contractors countrywide for over 25 years, have been appointed by one of the nation’s leading environmental insurance companies as a “Select Resource” for a new low-cost insurance policy for contractors.
Standard Policy:
Limits: $1,000,000. [Options up to $5 million are available]
Policy term: 1 year [Option for individual projects are only available]

Minimum premium: $2,500

Program Contact Information:
Maribel Hernandez
Phone: 800-624-5829 x 13
Fax: 707-996-7912

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